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Shaped like a ball with a U shaped handle for easy gripping, kettlebells are cast iron weights. The kettlebell was introduced to North America decades ago from Russia and used for athletic, military and police training.

So why the big deal lately about this particular workout you may ask?

Kettlebells target almost every component of fitness strength, balance, flexibilty, and endurance. With one piece of equipment, you get a challenging, efficient and simplistic workout that people love.

How does a kettlebell work in simple terms? The basic swinging movement from which torso (core) strength is developed and from which all other movements are based, requires the use of the physically large back and leg muscles. Each repetition requires activation of stabilizing muscles as well as moving muscles.

Kettlebells are used in a free weight environment where the body must work against gravity, enabling a highly efficient workout much more can be achieved in a shorter period as many muscles are activated.

The handle and off-centered weight translate to increased leverage and tremendous development of grip strength and grip endurance useful in everyday life (luggage , undoing lids , removing wine corks, undoing bolts & screws, carrying shopping bags, gardening and landscaping) and in numerous sports e.g. racquet sports, ball sports , rowing , martial arts. Swinging movements develop great muscle control the muscles are taught to contract/relax appropriately, with a functional pattern and full, useful range of motion.

Come check out Kettlebell Boot Kamp and see for yourself!

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What is a Kettlebell?

Check out Adam Cronin, a World Master Trainer in kettlebells, who certified our instructor, and demonstrates only SOME of the many exercises you can do with kettlebells:

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